Regional Superintendent Approves Petition for Consolidation

On Thursday, June 12, the Regional Superintendent of schools approved the petition for consolidation and forwarded the petition to the State Superintendent.  Upon receipt of the petition, the State Superintendent has twenty one days to approve or deny.  Following approval by the State Superintendent there is a thirty five day objection period where objections to the proposal can be filed in court.  Potential board members may begin filing their petitions today, June 16 through Monday, June 23 at close of business (4:00 p.m.) at the Regional Office.


One thought on “Regional Superintendent Approves Petition for Consolidation

  1. I urge all Jamaica and Catlin voters to understand that this consolidation offers our children a broader education with more opportunities to be better prepared for life after high school. We need excellent offerings for students wanting to go to a university, but we also need those offerings that will prepare them for other choices such as the trades and certificate programs, etc. that don’t require four year degrees.

    When I think of the possibilities that the future holds for my two grandchildren, I want our new district to be able to prepare all students to be able to pursue their life’s successful choices.

    My mother was one of four children raised by a widowed mother, and each of them was successful and happy in their vocations because they knew the key to happiness was a proper education. They all attained Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees that my grandmother was never able to obtain, an she was very proud of all that they were able to achieve! Let’s pass that belief and encouragement on to all of our children!

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