Facilities subcommittee meeting agenda Monday February 10, 2014

Salt-Fork Committee of Ten
Facilities Sub-Committee Agenda
2014-02-10, Fairmount Fire Station, 7:00pm
1) Call Meeting to Order
2) Review C10 meeting held on 2014-02-01.
a) Recommended at large school board election.
b) Recommended Catlin HS as the HS
c) Recommended Jamaica HS as the jHS.
d) Superintendants and bus drivers discussing transportation plans.
e) Curriculum sub-committee will report on concerns of facilities to satisfy classes.
3) Information to present for public review.
a) CTS report has been available on the web.
b) What should we compile to put on the web or other media outlet?
c) This is preview of the information we would include in the final C10 report.
4) Open discussion on public sentiment towards the proposed consolidation.
5) Recommendations – Assignment of Action Items
6) Next Meeting Date/Time/Location
7) Questions from the Public
8) Motion to Adjourn Meeting
Official Website Location for SF Committee of 10
a) https://saltforkcommitteeoften.wordpress.com/
Websites of School Districts
b) http://catlin.il.schoolwebpages.com/education/school/school.php?sectionid=8475
c) http://www.jamaica.k12.il.us/


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