Committee of Ten Meeting Notes January 11, 2014

Committee of Ten Meeting January 11, 2014

Members present:  Jeff Carder, Jeff  Fauver, Ron Taylor, Karen  Huchel, Dawn Eakle, Bob Wright, Jeff  Ford, Doug Hageman, Brian Lane, (Dr. Harrison, Gary Lewis) Not in attendance:  Fred Rinehart

9:00 am toured Jamaica building (a few building committee members joined the tour along with two community members)

10:30 am toured Catlin buildings (two more community members joined in this tour)

12:00 Meeting began

A motion was made to approve minutes from last meeting, approved.

Information sheets were passed out by Jeff Carder.

Discussion began on what was observed in tours:

  1. CTS – evaluation /wish list for buildings
  2. Building committee will come up with “must haves” for future uses.
  3. Handicap issue addressed at Catlin HS building – chair lift was previously used.


Building Sub Committee Members present: Bob Wright, Chairman(C), Brad McDowell (J), Terry Bates (J),Jamie Ridge (C)

The building committee will begin looking at drawings of existing buildings, square footage, inspection codes, etc. They plan to have a few open meetings in the next month and meet back with Committee of Ten in February.

The curriculum subcommittee will examine curriculum options that will be aimed at enriching and expanding opportunities for the future.  Information from both subcommittees will be examined by the committee of ten to aid in its decision on facility use.. What programs can we offer and which buildings would be better suited for these offerings.

Established Levy:  

Education fund:                        3.15

Operations and Maintenance      .75

Transportation                             .22

Health and Life Safety                .05


Dr. Harrison and Mr. Lewis were asked to show spread sheets with different rates and amounts they would produce.

Important that communities realize that $ will be saved and curriculum opportunities will be enhanced.

Important that communities fully understand what will happen if we don’t consolidate!

It was decided that any previous bonded indebtedness shall remain against the territory of the districts as they existed prior to the approval of consolidation.  It was also noted that the Catlin district, as it existed prior to consolidation, would be free of liability from any judgement stemming from the currently pending lawsuit against the Jamaica district.

Finalizing Petition for Board Review:

  • Discussion occurred on whether to have election districts or voting to be at large.  Concerns mentioned that Catlin is larger and therefore will have more representation.  One previously discussed idea was to have three elected from each of the old district boundaries and one at large.  This option is not supported by the statute.  In the case of new districting, there would be 7 districts fairly equal in population and only one member from each of the seven districts could sit on the board at any one time.

Redistricting would cost around $10,000.

It was decided to have “At Large” elections.

  • Election of Board Members: 105ILCS- 5/10 – 16

Discussion occurred on benefits of doing election in November 2014 with Consolidation vote, or waiting until April 2015.

Decision made to have Board Elections in November 2014 on the ballot along with Consolidation vote.

  • All Committee of Ten members must submit name and physical address to be placed on the petition.

Facility Use:

Concerns in public as to how we will save money without closing a building.. Operating expenses to run all buildings in both districts annually is around $150,000 in over an $8 million dollar combined budget.  It was also noted that based on enrollment numbers, all existing buildings will need to be used.


Curriculum Sub Committee Members:  Jamaica has their 5, Catlin is working on theirs.  This will be chaired by Doug Hageman. Committee members to be named as soon as possible and begin discussion.

Determination will be made about using “Pathways” .

In-service with Jamaica and Catlin teachers to discuss what each district currently teaches, text books that are used, and ideas for the future.

The curriculum committee will begin working on schedules for Jr. High and High School, and determining needs that filter down to grade schools.

A discussion about a third subcommittee – Transportation – no action taken on this.

Fact Sheet:

COT will begin writing FAQ that they receive from community and ones that they come up with as well.  These will be put into a formal handout and uniform answers discussed at the next meeting.

Public Outreach:

Discussion included having information booths at the Sidell BBQ, Jonah Fish Fry, Strawberry Festival.

Pass out Fact Sheets at all graduations.

Next Meeting:

  • Curriculum Committee needs to be established
  • Work on Fact Sheet and FAQ
  • Preliminary building information
  • COT to have plans finalized by the end of March so that information can be presented to the boards in April.
  • First week of May, our petition must be filed with ROE.
  • Things left to do:
    • Curriculum
    • Staffing/Administrative structure
    • Transportation
    • Supplies
    • Determine if Jr. High will be 7/8 or 6-8

Next Meeting:  Saturday, February 1, 2014 @ Jamaica Library 10:00am

Meeting was adjourned at 1:30.


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