Committee of Ten Meeting Notes and Consolidation Petition March 8, 2014

Committee of Ten Meeting March 8, 2014 10:00 a.m. Catlin HS band room

  1.  Meeting called to order by Jeff Fauver.

All members of committee and both Superintendents present.

  1.  Motion made and carried to approve minutes from February 22 meeting.
  2. The consolidation petition that must be filed to the ROE in May was presented by Jeff Carder.  There were concerns voiced, but nothing that needed changing. Motion was made and carried to approve the Petition.  A detailed explanation was given of the two available options for board election, ‘at large’, and ‘7 separate districts’.  The committee had decided at a previous meeting that the ‘at large’ format would be used.  The petition will now be forwarded to the boards of both districts for approval.
  3. Final Report

Jeff Fauver presented the rough draft of the final report for the consolidation.

  1.  Bob Wright gave a synopsis of the facilities report that his group compiled.  Questions concerning facilities were asked and answered.
  2. Jeff Fauver gave a synopsis of the transportation report. Concerns again were asked and answered.  It was asked if shelters need to be built to house students waiting for pickups.  This will be discussed later.  Other concerns regarding students in elementary grades that may live on the adjoining edge of the two districts.  The question was asked will the new bus routes cause some kids who live on the line to possibly go to the other elementary school?  Committee stated that every effort should be made to cause as little disruption as possible.  It was also discussed that currently Catlin and Jamaica do have bus routes that pass each other on the roads.
  3. Joe Hageman gave the synopsis for the curriculum report.  Concerns included:  Will all courses listed in the course catalog be offered yearly?  Will we have to purchase textbooks for all courses offered?  Will the preps of teachers who are currently teaching in a specific area be increased?  Will we have highly qualified teachers to do AP courses?
  4. Extra-Curricular.  The committee made it very clear that we are pursuing consolidation for educational purposes.  We already co-op high school sports, so nothing should change there.  It was asked where sports will be played at the high school and junior high levels.  At this time, the plan is to continue the coop as it currently runs.  The junior high would play their home games at Jamaica.  There will be more discussion on this topic.
  5. E.   Finances: At the time of this meeting, specific financial savings were not yet ready for presentation and were not included in the rough draft report. 


The next meeting is set for March 15 at 10:00 am in the Jamaica Library.  Our intention is to have financial numbers ready for presentation at that meeting.  Upon completion of the final report by the committee of ten and the approval by both school boards, a copy of the report will be posted to this website.

Below is a copy of the consolidation petition as it was approved by the committee of ten.  This petition will be forwarded to both boards of education for approval and then forwarded to the Regional Office of Education.





IN THE MATTER OF THE PETITION                           )

OF THE BOARDS OF EDUCATION OF                         )

CATLINCOMMUNITY UNIT SCHOOL                         )

DISTRICT NO. 5 AND JAMAICA                                                )





SCHOOLDISTRICT NO. 5 AND                                       )


 DISTRICT NO. 12AND THESUBMISSION                   )

OF THE SAME TO THE VOTERS                                   )


BE HELD ON NOVEMBER 4, 2014                                 )


NOW COME the Board of Education of Catlin Community Unit School District No. 5 and the Board of Education of Jamaica Community Unit School District No. 12, Petitioners, pursuant to Section 11E-35 of the Illinois School Code, 105 ILCS 5/11E-35, seeking the formation of a combined unit schooldistrict,and in support thereof state as follows:

1.         The undersigned Petitioners are the duly elected boards of education of Catlin Community Unit School District No. 5 and Jamaica Community Unit School District No. 12, representing each of the school districts included in the territory described herein.

2.         The territory sought to be combined into a combined unit school district consists of the entire territory of two (2) school districts, namely,Catlin Community Unit School District No.5 and Jamaica Community Unit School District No. 12.

3.         Said school districts are contiguous to each other and will, if combined, form a compact unit school district.

4.         Both districts currently have outstanding bonded indebtedness against the territory of the districts.  If the proposition is approved, such bonded indebtedness shall remain against the territory of the districts as they existed prior to the approval of the proposition.  The tax rate for bonded indebtedness shall be determined in the manner provided in Section 19-7 of the School Code, and the County Clerks of Vermilion and EdgarCounties shall annually extend taxes for each outstanding bond issue against all the taxable property that was situated within the boundaries of the districts as such boundaries existed at the time of the issuance of each such bond issue.

5.         The two (2) districts sought to be consolidated currently levy in the respective funds hereinafter set forth at the maximum rates thereafter set forth, to-wit:

Catlin                          Jamaica


a)         Education Fund                                   3.15%                          2.96%

b)         Operations & Maintenance                  .75%                            .75%

c)         Transportation                                     .20%                            .22%

d)         Health & Life Safety                           .05%                            .05%

6.         The proposed combined unit school district shall be authorized to levy taxes in the respective funds hereinafter set forth at the maximum rates thereafter set forth, to-wit:

a)         Education Fund:                                                        3.15%

b)         Operations & Maintenance Fund:                               .75%

c)         Transportation Fund:                                                   .22%

d)         Health & Life Safety Fund                                          .05%

7.         The undersigned Petitioners hereby designate the following named persons as a Committee of Ten pursuant to Section 11E-35(b)(10) of The School Code with such powers and duties as are enumerated therein:

            Name                                      Number & Street                   School District

a)         Jeff Fauver                              113 Maple Leaf Drive,            Catlin

Catlin, IL 61817

b)         Joseph Hageman                     103 Taylor Street,                    Catlin

Catlin, IL 61817

c)         Robert Wright                          130 Westwood Circle,             Catlin

Catlin, IL 61817

d)         Karen Huchel                          112 Drew Drive,                     Catlin

Catlin, IL 61817

e)         Fred Rinehart                          100 Kent Drive,                      Catlin

Catlin, IL 61817

f)          Dawn Eakle                            106 South Chicago Street,       Jamaica

Sidell, IL 61876

g)         Jeff Carder                               4810 East 700 North Road,     Jamaica

Fairmount, IL 61841

h)         Ron Taylor                              5671 Catlin-Homer Road,       Jamaica

Fairmount, IL 61841

i)          Brian Lane                              109 West State Street,              Jamaica

Fairmount, IL 61841

j)          Jeff Ford                                  707 South Chicago Street,       Jamaica

Sidell, IL 61876

8.         Any and all supplementary State deficit difference payments made under subsection (c) of Section 11E-135 of the School Code will be allocated in their entirety to the proposed new district.

9.         The organization of a new combined unit school district in the territory contained within the boundaries of Catlin Community Unit School District No. 5 and Jamaica Community Unit School District No. 12 is in the best interests of the schools of the area and the educational welfare of the pupils therein.

10.       The proposed new district will have sufficient size and financial resources to provide and maintain a recognized educational program for grades pre-kindergarten through twelve (12).

11.       The Petitioners request that a board of education be elected on a separate ballot at the same election as the proposition to create a new district, which board shall serve as the board of education of the proposed new district.  Such election of board members shall proceed under the supervision of the Regional Superintendent.

12.       If the Petition is granted by the Regional Superintendent and the proposition is approved at the election as provided herein, the Petitioners request that the date when the change becomes effective for purposes of administration and attendance be established as July 1, 2015. The Board of Education elected as provided in Paragraph 10 hereinabove shall have such powers and duties as set forth in Section 11E-70 of the School Code until the effective date of such change.


WHEREFORE, we, the undersigned Petitioners, do hereby request and petition that the territory herein described be organized into a new combined unit school district; that the Regional Superintendent of Schools of Vermilion County, Illinois conduct a hearing on this Petition as provided in Article 11E of The School Code; that upon completion of said hearing the Regional Superintendent approve and submit the Petition and all the evidence admitted at said hearing to the State Superintendent of Education for his review and approval; and that said proposition be submitted to the voters of said territory at the next regularly scheduled election to be held on November 4, 2014, for the purpose of voting for or against the establishment of said district and, on a separate ballot, for the election of a new board of education of said district.



DISTRICT NO. 5, Petitioner








DISTRICT NO. 12, Petitioner












______________________________                        ______________________________

Jeff Fauver                                                                  Dawn Eakle

______________________________                        ______________________________

Joseph Hageman                                                         Jeff Carder

______________________________                        ______________________________

Robert Wright                                                              Ron Taylor

______________________________                        ______________________________

Karen Huchel                                                              Brian Lane

______________________________                        ______________________________

Fred Rinehart                                                              Jeff Ford


One thought on “Committee of Ten Meeting Notes and Consolidation Petition March 8, 2014

  1. Brian Lane spoke to the Fairmount Woman’s Club tonight at our monthly meeting, and it was very informative. There were lots of questions asked and he was able to answer them. Please be an informed voter!!

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