Committee of Ten Meeting Notes February 1, 2014

February 1, 2014:  Committee of Ten Meeting Jamaica Library

All committee members and superintendents present.

  1. Motion made to approve minutes from January 11 th meeting. They were unanimously approved.
  2. Subcommittee Reports:
    1.  Facilities – Bob Wright, Chairman gave his report from their two meetings.
      1.  See Facilities Subcommittee report under meeting notes tab.
      2. COT agreed that we don’t see any major things that must be fixed in order to move forward.  Each building is inspected every year already.
      3. Bottom line, schools are good and no major in either direction for decision of grade level placements.
      4. A ballpark figure was given to fix immediate things to be around $100,000.
      5. After much discussion, a motion was made and approved to have the High School at Catlin and the Junior High at Jamaica.
    2.  Curriculum – Joe Hageman, Chairman gave his report from the meeting they have had.
      1.  This committee consists of the following from Catlin:  Joe, Angela Strohl, Lezlie Holman, Rachelle Fretueg, Michelle Kimbro, and Donna Hageman.  Jamaica:  Whitney Ferber, Rosemary Powell, Becky Miller, Julie Norman, and Sara Wochner.
      2. Their next meeting is February 3 when they hope to finish HS curriculum and move to Jr. High.
      3. Discussed how important it is to show we are offering more than we currently do and that we are giving more opportunities for vocational areas.
  1. Grades to be considered for Junior High.
    1.  Currently Jamaica Jr. High consists of 6-8 and Catlin’s consists of 7,8.
    2. Connie Almy presented information from the Jamaica Jr. High staff that supports 6-8.  It included test scores and Common Core Curriculum alignments.
    3. Much discussion occurred on different routes that we could go and how it would influence the building choices.
    4. It was suggested that both junior high schools get together to discuss this further.
    5. List of pros and cons were started.
  2. Transportation
    1. Discussions regarding buildings and curriculum all involved transportation.  It was decided that a Transportation subcommittee be formed…. Dr. Harrison, Mr. Lewis and bus drivers from each district will serve on this committee.
    2. Centralized pick-ups were discussed.
  3.  Administrative Structure
    1.  Currently between the two districts, there are 2 Superintendents/High School Principals, 2 Pre-K thru 8th principals.
    2. Different structures were discussed.  Main issue is to show that we are saving money.  This must be done through a reduction.
  1. FAQ

The following are questions that have come through the committee so far.  We are still working on universal answers.

  1. Why is the consolidation needed?  What happens if it doesn’t pass! What will be the tax rates?
  2.  How will we save $ without closing a building?
  3. Where will the High School be and where will the Junior High be?
  4. Where will sports be played (High School and Junior High)?
  5. How long will the Catlin kids ride on a bus?
  6. What will be the administrative structure?
  7.  What are the timelines for getting this on the ballot?
  8.  When would schools first come together?
  9.  How will school board be elected?
  10. What happens to current debts from each school?
  11. What about law suit at Jamaica?
  12. How many people will lose their jobs?
  13. Is this a band-aid fix?

Curriculum committee will meet Monday, February 03, 2014 at Catlin Elementary Library.

To be discussed at next meeting:

  1. Transportation
  2. Curriculum

We must control our own destiny!

Next meeting February 22, 2014  10:00 am Catlin Elementary Library


2 thoughts on “Committee of Ten Meeting Notes February 1, 2014

  1. Funding is your answer. Quit thinking about sports and start to think about education. Privatize sports and think about how to build a community and not tear down the only village left of the 3 areas.

  2. I agree… is the number 1 goal here. Right now both schools are not preparing our kids for college. That needs to change!!! But I also think that High School sports plays a big part in your School. High Schools need sports……School Sports not Privatize Sports…. Sports teach our kids Leadership, Responsibility, Hard Work, and Team Work just to name a few.

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