Committee of Ten Meeting Notes February 22, 2014

February 22, 2014         Committee of Ten Meeting   Catlin Elementary Library

Attendance:  Both superintendents, and all committee members present, except for Karen Huchel.

  1.  Meeting called to order by Jeff Fauver.
  2. Motion made to approve minutes from February 1 meeting.  Motion carried.
  3. Subcommittee Reports:
    1.  Facilities – nothing to report at this time.
    2. Curriculum – Joe Hageman reported on the information from the curriculum committee meetings.
      1.  Sample classes to be offered were passed out
      2. Sample schedule for High School and Jr. High were presented
      3. It was discussed again about the importance of bringing back intro level courses for college express.
      4. It was discussed that by using Project Lead the Way, 8th grade students could also be exposed to different career paths.

**The complete updated course offering list will be posted with the final report.

  1. 5.     It was recommended to add a full time Curriculum Director.  It was unanimously approved.
  2.  Transportation – Gary Lewis stated that looking at CTS report…

7/8 at Jamaica and 9-12 at Catlin – an 84 passenger bus could be used to transport from both towns.  Establishing staggered start times to use the same bus.

It was asked if they had looked into the 6-8 options.  They had not.

It was discussed about purchasing a mapping program to help determine bus routes for the new district in the most cost effective way – The approximate cost of this program is around $14,000.

  1. Finalize Jr. High Structure
    1. Curriculum committee gave input on how it felt regarding 7/8 or 6-8.  Members mentioned that Catlin teachers are okay with the 6-8 proposal.  It was stated that having all 3 groups would be more beneficial and that having specialty teachers at this grade would help with test scores.
    2. B.   It was recommended that the Jr. High consist of 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  It was unanimously approved.


  1.  Administrative Structure
    1.  Different ideas were discussed at the February 1 meeting about saving money through reducing current administrative staff to three from the current four, which would also give principal duties to the superintendent.  It was thought that the community would not see any savings if admin staff was not reduced.  The discussion ended at the Feb 1 meeting by reducing it to three.
    2. Since the last meeting there was concern raised by many that the three person admin structure would not be strong enough to support a district twice the size of either current district, so a proposal was given by Jeff Carder to restructure the proposed administrative salaries to fit new job descriptions for the future Salt Fork District.  The restructuring would save as much or more than eliminating a full time administrative position while still maintaining four administrators.
    3. It was discussed that each building needed a full time administrator present.  Also, with the new PERA requirements (Performance Evaluation Reform Act) the principals will need to devote more of their time and effort to satisfy the evaluation requirements, further solidifying the need for four administrators.
    4. D.   It was recommended the new district employ 1 Superintendent, 1 High School Principal, 1 preK-5 Principal at Catlin, and 1 preK-8 Principal at Jamaica. It was unanimously approved.
  2. Community Engagement
    1.  It was decided to form another subcommittee for Community Relations.  The Committee of Ten will need much help to get information out to all 5 towns.
    2. Donna Hageman and Whitney Ferber volunteered at the meeting.  More volunteers will be needed.
  3.  The next Committee of Ten meeting will be Saturday March 8 at 10:00 a.m. in the Catlin HS band room.

(Due to Music contest at Jamaica, Catlin will host the March 8 meeting.)


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