Committee of Ten Meeting Notes March 15, 2014

Committee of Ten March 15, 2014

  1.  Meeting called to order.  All members present except Joe Hageman.
  2. Motion made and approved to accept minutes from March 8 meeting.
  3. Consolidation Plan:
    1. It was stated that at Catlin’s last board meeting, they eliminated a high school Math teacher and high school Science teacher.
    2. Facilities report revisited by Bob Wright.  It was explained through tables that the legal capacity of classrooms is very different than realistic use of classrooms.  Do we really want 35 – 45 students in a room? The answer is no.
    3. There were concerns about putting the Facilities sub -committee report in consolidation plan because it is simply a recommendation not mandatory for the consolidation to go forward.  A motion was made and approved to add as Appendix A.
    4. Finances:  The budget portion of the report shows a savings of around $700,000 in certified and noncertified staff.  It also showed a savings of around $60,000 in administration.

i.      Charts indicated that the new district would still have considerable fund balances in 2020 as a combined district.  Alone, both districts will have depleted their reserves and be left with no resources to offset the decline in revenue and increasing costs.

  1.  It was suggested to add a paragraph in the new course catalog that explains all courses listed may not be available every year.  The courses available will be based on student interest and teacher availability.
  2. It was also suggested that a paragraph be added to explain the budget and what each category actually includes…. Education, building, transportation, working cash, life safety, etc.
  3. Fred Rinehart stated that he feels this committee must also recommend to the new board that they actively pursue more mergers in the future from day one.  This isn’t a forever solution, but one that puts us in a much more favorable position.
  4.  Motion was made to approve the plan with the suggested revisions.  Motion carried unanimously.
  5. Next meeting set for April 1 @ 7:00 pm in Catlin band room.
  6. All Committee of Ten members were asked to attend the Catlin board meeting on April 2 at 6:00 pm.

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