Facilities Subcommittee meeting notes – January 20, 2014

Facilities Sub-Committee meeting – 1/20/14

7:01pm: Meeting was called to order. Members present: McDowell, Bressner, Ridge, Siefert, Myrick, Bates, Prunkard, Lane, and Wright. Members absent: Smith.

Les Siefert was appointed secretary of the committee

7:10pm: Tour of schools from Sat, 1/12/14 was discussed by committee

7:20 pm: 10yr safety reports were discussed from both districts. The reports were towards the end of their 10yr life, so it was brought to the committee to see where the districts stand on the completion of items on the reports.

ADA issues in the Catlin H.S restrooms was mentioned.

7:50pm: Building floor plans from both buildings were discussed.

Lawrenceville/ Red Hill report was also discussed. Our committee focus would be found mostly between pages 29-37.

8:10pm: McDowell was asked to look into accessibility of lockers and parking at Catlin H.S

Prunkard was asked to look into cafeteria space for kids in both buildings.

Wright was asked to look into sq. footage reports of both buildings.

Myrick was asked to contact superintendents on 10yr report status of both buildings.

8:20pm: Public questions were taken by committee. It was asked by public what grades would be considered Junior High School.

It was also asked what the capacity for Catlin H.S was. It was also asked the condition of the second floor at Catlin H.S.

8:30pm: It was asked by Wright that all members take a look at CTS report and rate their top ten for each school, one being most critical to be addressed.

8:40pm: Meeting adjourned.


2 thoughts on “Facilities Subcommittee meeting notes – January 20, 2014

  1. How close is the Jamacia Police office to the school? How close is the Fire Department and rescue units to the school? What about water? Sanitation facility? Why do Catlin children want to travel ofr an hour each day instead of being able to walk to school?

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