Facilities Subcommittee Report

Facilities Use Report – Results of Sub-Committee Meetings and Discussions

1. Both schools considered to be in decent shape.

2. Few major problems that school boards haven’t been made aware of.

3. Most of the CTS report was dismissed or considered too critical.

4.Life Safety reports indicate that none of the schools were “in compliance” at the time of the report.

a. Seems as though every report finds something requiring repair/changed.

b. Recommend better internal review of repeated citations prior to inspection.

i. Damage to exit/emergency lights.

ii. Missing fire alarm signals.

iii. Excess drop cords used in classrooms.

iv. Locked chemicals in chemistry labs.

c. Items shown on reports that prevent “in compliance” are not deemed critical to prevent consolidating districts. Easily fixed and Superintendants state that these citations have been corrected.

d. Refer decision to C10 on whether “in compliance” is required.

5. Large expenses are not reasonable for the return on investment if the consolidation is expected to last 6 to 10 years before a new school is built. Facility sub-committee recommends:

a. Leave boilers as is – good enough condition to keep.

b. Repair roofs instead of replacement.

c. First restrict usage of electricity in classrooms. Sub-committee questions whether these appliances are needed at all. Add outlets where electricity is required to avoid drop cords.

i. Jamaica school regularly cited for this and Catlin in a few cases.

ii. Possibly install power strips rated for the current rather than cheap drop cords.

d. Request bids to remove/upgrade electrical systems in wet areas needing GFCI circuits.

e. Request bids to upgrade Catlin school’s bathrooms to meet ADA.

f. Request bids to update science labs in all schools.

g. Request bids to remove asbestos/transite over a 5 year period so costs can be kept small and avoid a large on time cost when/if new school is built.

h. Improve athletic locker rooms. Seek booster/parent/fundraising dollars.

i. Request bids to improve intercom, security, and warning systems.

i. All schools appear to fail on this category and this is the most necessary safety feature for life/safety.

6. If new school is not planned for in 5 years, recommend the school board at that time request bids to install an elevator at Catlin HS on east side of building just north of the steps and also adjoin a corridor that connects the HS and gym. This will require that drive is blocked.

7. Comparison of which is HS and which is JH, and unneeded space.

a. Both Catlin HS and Jamaica can facilitate either the consolidated HS or JH.

i. Each have enough capacity.

ii. Each have enough classrooms.

iii. Each have enough cafeteria seating and serving capacity.

iv. Each have enough parking spaces.

v. There are enough lockers between the two schools that can be installed in either location that this is not a factor.

vi. Catlin HS science lab needs more work than Jamaica.

vii. Jamaica has AG Shop already on site.

b. Consider closing Catlin administrative office and locate office in Jamaica school.

Unrelated to facilities, but discussed in our meetings.

8. Travelling Considerations

a. Fewer kids travelling if HS is in Catlin and JH is in Jamaica.

b. Jamaica HS kids that drive are already driving to school.

c. How long is the average Jamaica JH kid going to ride the bus to Catlin vs. Jamaica due to various routes and stops over the larger geographic district?

d. Catlin has few bus routes and often of short duration.

e. Proximity of K-6 kids and JH is reasonable at Jamaica.

f. Kids travelling to DACC will be closer if HS is in Catlin.


4 thoughts on “Facilities Subcommittee Report

  1. Why would the Catlin District people want to inherit transportation costs. Jamaica is at 460,000 Catlin at 160000 Jamaica could still spend their usual amount and Catlin probably less if the Jamaica students were tuitioned into Catlin. Other wise Catlin will send 1/4 of their students to Jamaica daily. Most of these students have the opportunity to walk to school.

  2. If Jamaica students were tuitioned into Catlin…..then The Catlin District would pick up the transportation cost of getting those Jamaica kids to Catlin. Jamaica would pay a tuition fee to Catlin…which means those Jamaica District kids are no longer Jamaica District kids, their Catlin District kids and the Catlin District would be responsible for getting them to and from school. That means that the Catlin District Transportation cost would increase. A Consolidation of the two Districts means that both Districts budgets become one, which means there is no more expense then what both Districts are paying now. You would only need one bus to get 60 Junior High kids from Catlin to Jamaica.

  3. How much is it going to cost to add an ag/shop class room to Catlin high school? If there will be more class offerings will we need to send as many students to DACC? How has Catlin high school dealt with students in wheel chairs before? Will Jamaica’s gyms ever be used for high school practices or games? Thank you for all your hard work being on these committees. I know it can not be easy.

    • Jessika,
      We have not checked on the price of adding an ag/shop classroom. Catlin has a shop area and classroom space and much of the equipment could be moved from Jamaica, so the cost should not be a factor. The proposed new class offerings in the shop/trades area will be intro type courses, maybe covering different areas each nine weeks. Our hope is that by offering these intro courses, the students can be exposed to interests that they may not have considered before. These offerings would likely increase the interest in the DACC courses, which would be a good thing. It is the intention of the committee to recommend that sports be played in the same manner the coop currently plays, by alternating locations. Great questions! Thanks for posting.

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