Committee of Ten Meeting Notes December 18

Committee of Ten Meeting    December 18, 2013

Co-chairs of Committee:  Jeff Fauver, Board President Catlin and  Jeff Carder, Board Secretary Jamaica

Members present:  Jeff Fauver, Jeff Carder, Bob Wright, Jeff Ford, Karen Huchel, Fred Rinehart, Dawn Eakle, Doug Hageman, Brian Lane (Dr. Harrison, Mr. Lewis) Not in attendance:  Ron Taylor

Meeting Plans:  Meetings will alternate between buildings


  1.  Consolidation Plan – curriculum, staffing, buildings, administration, transportation
  2. Produce a petition that must be given to ROE for approval
    1. Sample petition was shown – Each part was discussed, issues came on the following..

(4.)  Bond Issue

* put all debt together, or each district tax payers pay debt only accrued from their district (This was discussed as best way to move forward.)

*Currently Catlin has around $800,000 bonded

* Jamaica around $100,000 bonded

(5.) Levy

*Jamaica 2.95 (Education Fund)

*Catlin 3.15(Education Fund)

Petition must be approved by both boards in April so that it reaches the ROE by May.  This will be signed by Committee of Ten before going to boards. (10.) When board is elected…

*concern about enough time to get petitions, public meetings and whether to put on the ballot in November when consolidation issue is addressed, or wait until April.

*Concerns were mentioned about putting on in November because it may take away from the actual consolidation vote and concerns for waiting until April because new board won’t have much time to make decisions that only the new board can make.

*Discussion about elections.. Jamaica currently has districts, Catlin is at large voting.  Further discussion regarding this issue will take place in January.


A website has been created

Information on the website will include: minutes from meetings, agendas, any documents that need shared.

Tours will be offered to the public.

It was suggested that the public have the opportunity to view buildings when the schools are open for ballgames.

January 11, 2014 – Tour of buildings open to the public.  Tour will begin at Jamaica at 9:00 am and will move to Catlin at 10:30.  The regular meeting of the Committee of Ten will begin immediately following the tours.


  1.  Curriculum
  2.  Transportation (both schools do lease from same bus company)
  3.  Building – facilities, sheds, sports

Sub – committees need to be determined by the January meeting.

CTS went thru the buildings (energy –  it was suggested to bring in experts from the communities to help us out.)

The goal is to save money, so we need to work as efficiently as possible to ready the buildings for the housing of new students.

Facility Use:

What age kids will go to what building?

On website there has been a study done as to how many will be commuting depending on which schools they attend:

If HS is at Catlin and the 7/8 are at Jamaica, 194 students will be commuting.

If HS is at Jamaica and the 7/8 are at Catlin, 237 students will be commuting.

Concerns were mentioned about better for HS at Catlin because of the number of students that currently participate in dual enrollment (35-40).  There will be less driving if the students leave from Catlin.

Other concerns:

Parking at Catlin

Will cafeteria hold the number of students added to it?

Elementary buildings will stay put.

Effectively Reaching the communities:

  • We must show how we can save $.
  • Publicize graphs, booklets, combined taxes (different EAV’s and tax rates)
  • Make a list of frequently asked questions with uniform answers.
  • Fact sheets of information made and given to community members.


  • Enhanced curriculum after consolidation
  • Pathways – Curriculum advisor from U of I
  • Different articles about curriculum facts
  • Show curriculum of 10 years ago and compare
  • Decide which courses will be offered and what buildings will be used
  • Colleges want students that are prepared and have already had certain course, we will be able to better offer this to our students

Theories in communities:

If a building isn’t being closed, then how will $ be saved.

Why not just go bigger now?

How to establish subcommittees:

  • Curriculum/facilities work together – include principals, counselors – (college express, will suggest how many sections are needed
  • Buildings – 3 or 4 from each community


*Fact sheets

*Create a very precise news article that includes tax rates, incentives, etc.

*Do a community survey.

*The state is encouraging consolidations and has already answered our emails and will help with whatever problems arise.

*Produce handouts with time line

*Look at enrollment trends

*Petitions done at next meeting

*Have committee members ID’d  by January meeting

*Must have 3 public meetings/hearings

*News article will include:

  • What will be done to save $?
  • How long will new district last?
  • Summary of tax rates and information

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